Install DictTango on Android

This will help you to get DPD setup and configured in the DictTango app.

About DictTango

DictTango uses MDict files, but offers a far better user experience than the MDict app itself.

  • Open any word from a PDF or website by long-clinging and using the Android popup menu.
  • Once inside the app, words can be navigated with a single-click.
  • It also offers full text search as well as numerous other advanced features.

Installation In Brief

  1. download the latest from Github
  2. download and install DictTango from Google Play Store or APKPure

Detailed Installation Instructions

Below are detailed step-by-step instructions.

Please follow them carefully to get full DPD functionality.

Download and install DictTango from the Google Play Store or APKPure

google play store

Download the latest from Github

github mdict

Using your file-manager of choice, unzip


Open the DictTango app and click the menu icon in the top right-hand corner

dicttango menu

Click on Dictionary List

dictionary list

Click on the menu icon in the top right-hand corner of Dictionary List

dictionary list menu

Click Copy from SD Card

copy from sd card

Select the 6 DPD files in your Android file browser

select files

Select Dictionaries Folder as the destination folder

dictionaries folder

Click Copy To Here

copy to here

Display All Entries

To see all DPD entries, follow the steps below. Otherwise you will only see the first entry.

Click the menu button in the top right-hand corner.

menu button

Select Dictionary Group.

dictionary group

Select the Default Group.

default group

Click Dictionaries

default group dictionaries

Long press to select any dictionary, then click Select All

select all

Click More in the bottom right-hand corner.


Click on Auto Expand

alt text

That's it. Now you'll see all entries from all dictionaries.

Change the Dictionary Order

While you are there, you can change the order that dictionaries are displayed in.

Click the Sorting Mode Button in the top right-hand corner

sorting mode button

Long click and drag, or click the arrows to change the order of dictionaries.

sorting mode

Dark Mode

If you prefer dark mode, then

Click the menu-button in the top right-hand corner.

menu button

Click on Settings


And choose your preferred dark mode.

dark mode

The app will restart in Dark Mode.

Font Size

To adjust the font size, open any word in the dictionary.

Click on the resize icon in the bottom right-hand corner.

resize icon

Drag the slider up and down to change the font size.


How To Open A Word In DictTango

Long-click on a Pāḷi word in any PDF, doc or website.

After a moment, the Android menu will appear.

Click on DictTango

android menu

All relevant dictionary entries will be displayed

open in mdict

Once inside DictTango, just single-click on any word to open it.

Enjoy your Pāḷi reading with this great Android app!