Setup the Hotkey

Whether you use Sutta Central, Digital Pāli Reader, Tipitaka Pali Projector,, PDF documents or any other source of Pāḷi texts, this allows you to click on a word and open it immeditely in the dictionary.

Go to Menu > Edit > Preferences (Shortcut F4) > Hotkeys


Choose your preferred hotkey and click OK. The default Ctrl-C-C works nicely, there's no need to change it.


Double click to highlight any Pāḷi word in any software or pdf and press the hotkey. A small GoldenDict window will open. DPD will automatically find any inflected word in the dictionary.


If you prefer, you can open the word in the main window every time.

  • Go to Menu > Edit > Preferences (Shortcut F4) > Scan Popup
  • Select "Send translated word to main window"

send to main window

If you're a Digital Pāli Reader user, you can enable hotkey with a single click in the preferences

  • Open DPR preferences (shortcut %)
  • Select "Copy words to clipboard on click"

dpr clipboard preference

Of course you can also search for Pāḷi words the old-fashioned way ...

  • Go to Menu > View and click Search Pane (Shortcut Ctrl-S)
  • Start typing in the Search Bar and click the word you are looking for.
  • No need to use diacritics when typing in GoldenDict, it will automatically find what you are looking for.


If you're on Linux, also try out the scan popup - it allows you to open a word in the dictionary with a single click.