Install MDict on iOS

In Brief

  1. download the latest version of DPD for MDict (dpd.mdx) here.
  2. install MDict from the App Store
  3. Move the dpd.mdx file to the MDict folder on your iOS device.

Below are detailed anupubba instructions.

Download DPD

First things first, download the latest MDict version of Digital Pāḷi Dictionary from Github

Download MDict

Search for MDict in your device's App Store and click GET to install

search mdict

Install the DPD File

There are 2 ways to install.

Put the dpd.mdx file into your Library, it will install automatically.


Or open the Files application


and move the dpd.mdx file to the MDict folder in On My iPhone


Open MDict

You should be able to use DPD by searching now.


Auto Lookup Settings

In Settings turn on Auto lookup clipboard. Now you can copy any word in a Pāḷi text to automatically open it in MDict.


One Click Settings in DPR

As an added bonus, if you use Digital Pāli Reader, open Settings and turn on Copy words to clipboard on click.


Now simply clicking on any word should open it in MDict.


You're all good to go on your iOS device!