Setup the Scan-pop

Scan popup works best on Linux. Mileage may vary on other operating systems.

In GoldenDict, open Edit > Preferences (Shortcut F4)

edit preferences

Go to the Scan Popup tab and enable scan popup functionality. With these settings every word you click on will open in the dictionary

scan popup tab

If that setting is a little extreme for you, try the setting in the pic below.

settings with scan flag

Now, when you click a word in a Pāḷi text, a small dictionary icon will appear. Click it to open the word in the dictionary.

popup icon

The settings I personally use are in the pic below. This opens the scan popup in the main window by pressing Alt-Shift.

settings personal

Please experiment to find the settings that are comfortable for you.

Next, take a look at how to setup some advanced features in GoldenDict.