Install GoldenDict on Mac

In Brief

  1. download the latest version of from Github
  2. install GoldenDict NG for Apple Silicon M1 chip and newer or Intel AMD64
  3. in settings, direct GoldenDict to the DPD folder.

Below are detailed anupubba instructions.

Download GoldenDict

If you are using an Apple Silicon M1 chip or newer, download this version of GoldenDict NG from Github.

If you are using an Intel AMD64 chip, download this version of GoldenDict NG from Github.

Install GoldenDict

Double click the GoldenDict.dmg file in your Downloads folder.

Double click the installer.

goldendict install

You'll probably get a security warning like this.


Click cancel and open Security and Privacy Preferences. Click on the lock at the bottom left corner. Then choose “Open anyway” and GoldenDict will open. Click Open Anyway.

allow gd

Click Open on the next security warning.

next security warning

Ok, you're installed. Now let's add a dictionary.

Download DPD

Download the latest version of from Github.


Find the .zip file in your downloads folder and unzip it.

unzip dpd

Make a GoldenDict folder

It is recommended to make an easily accessible GoldenDict folder, for example /Documents/GoldenDict

documents folder

Copy the unzipped DPD folder into /Documents/GoldenDict

documents gd dpd

Adding Dictionaries to GoldenDict

Launch the GoldenDict application.

Go to Menu > Edit > Dictionaries (Shortcut F3).

edit dictionaries

Go to Sources > Files. Click Add.

sources files

Select the folder /Documents/GoldenDict.

select gd folder

Click the recursive tick box √ (this makes sure GoldenDict searches in sub-folders).


Click Rescan now or OK and wait a few moments while the dictionaries are indexing.


You're all setup!

Next learn how to set up the hotkey so you can click on any inflected Pāḷi word in any text and open it immediately in the dictionary.