Install GoldenDict on Windows

In Brief

  1. download the latest version of DPD from Github
  2. install the latest version of GoldenDict NG
  3. in settings, direct GoldenDict to the DPD folder.

Here is a video to help you with Windows installation courtesy of the Learn Pali Channel on Youtube.

Below are detailed anupubba text instructions.

Install GoldenDict

Download the latest version of GoldenDict NG from Github

Go to your Downloads folder and double click 6.7.0-GoldenDict-ng-Installer.exe

Choose your language. Click OK

select language

Click Next

setup welcome

Click I Agree

gd license

Choose your install location and click Next.

choose default install location

Click Install

choose start menu folder

Installing …


Click Finish

install finished

Download DPD

Download the latest version of from Github.

Make a GoldenDict folder

It is recommended to make an easily accessible GoldenDict folder, for example \Documents\GoldenDict

goldendict folder


Right-click the DPD zip file in your Downloads folder and click Extract All.

extract all

Select the \Documents\GoldenDict folder and click Extract

extract to

There will now be a DPD folder in \Documents\GoldenDict

extracted folder

Setting up GoldenDict

Run GoldenDict from the Start Menu

gd icon

Open Menu > Edit > Dictionaries (Shortcut F3)

edit dictionaries

Click Add

add button

Navigate to \Documents\GoldenDict and click Select Folder

Tick the Recursive check-box (this makes sure all sub-folders get added)


Click OK


Wait while the dictionary gets indexed.


You're all setup!

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