Simsapa Dhamma Reader

DPD is integrated into the Simsapa Dhamma Reader, a very powerful new desktop application for immersive Pāḷi study.

Simsapa aims to be an all-in-one app which contains

  • CST4 Chaṭṭha Saṅgāyana Tipiṭaka
  • Sutta Central texts and translations
  • a full set of Pāḷi dictionaries
  • Translations by Ajahn Ṭhānissaro
  • numerous Dhamma ebooks
  • Gretil Sanskrit texts
  • Sanskrit dictioanaries
  • and more

simsapa sutta study

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simsapa links

Every time a new there is a new DPD release, Simsapa automatically updates itself with the latest DPD database information.

For more information and how to install, visit the Simsapa website.